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19th July 2024 

Special Offers & Costs

Acupuncture in Hastings

Initial consultation and acupuncture treatment lasts one hour and is £50. Follow up appointments are 45 minutes and are £45. A discount is available if a course of six treatments is booked and paid. Total cost being £240. This is available to book after the initial consultation and treatment and expires after one year.

The number and frequency of follow-ups depend on what is being treated and how long the problem has existed. Deborah would prefer to see people for at least six weekly (if possible or indicated) sessions in order to evaluate progress and to then advise on frequency of treatments.

Facial revitalisation is £60 for one hour. A course of six weekly sessions is advisable followed by a monthly top up. If you book and pay for a course of six treatments this will cost £330 and will expire after one year.

To discuss treatments, costs or to make an appointment please contact Deborah on 07933 569 159, The Wellington Health and Wellbeing Centre on 01424 442520 or email